Alan Wake Review

Everyone needs to play this game. Fire up the best sound in the house and play in the dark.
Probably the only game to actually freak me out. Gameplay was interesting and unique, the story was INCREDIBLE and all around an amazing game.


It comes out on the PC soon so pick it up!



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COMP 2714

Oh the joys of COMP 2714, what can I say about this class?

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Alan Wake Review: Coming Soon..

Alan WakeI have been playing Alan Wake inbetween my school work and other things I have had to do, and I must say that it is probably one of my favourite RPG’s or all-time.
Alan Wake is a physcological action thriller. The story is absolutly fantastic! I should be finishing up soon and will post a review then. Stay tuned.


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Serious All Day Battery Life

Lenovo just announced their updated line up. Now I am not going to review it all but I wanted to point out the updated ThinkPad T-series.

Now in this 14″ laptop i5 or i7 goodness is included as well as NVIDIA Optimus paired with a GeForce 4200M GPU. That is 1GB of VRAM.
The real kicker in all of this is the battery life for the T420; 30 hours! We all know how most manufacturers estimated battery life never really lives up to expectations. but even if it is only half that is still 15 hours. Amazing. Starts at $779 US. Craziness. It may not have sleek looks, but it will last you for a VERY long time.


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Advertisement Galore

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend (Go Steelers!), 30 second ads are costing the highest they have ever been at 3 million dollars per.  There are 6 automakers among the advertisers and some of the usual suspects like Old Spice and Doritos.

Normally I will skip through the ads when watching sports now but the Superbowl ads are always worth watching. Below is the first ad by Chevy. I hope they are all just as good!


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+5 for Call of Duty: Black Ops

One of the most popular first person shooters of all time has just raised the stakes once again. On February 1st, Treyarch released 4 all new competitive multilayer maps and 1 new Nazi Zombies map for the already thriving game. After being out for almost 3 months now, the game reclaimed the top of the charts around the world for most popular video game with the release of these new maps.

Being a PS3 gamer, I have yet to get my hands on the temporarily exclusive Xbox 360 maps. However I anxiously await their release, and will post a more in depth overview and strategy of each map after I get the chance to play them. The maps include “Kowloon”,  “Discovery”, “Berlin Wall”, “Stadium”, and the zombie map “Ascension”. Continue reading

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The More The Merrier

Starting from today I have invited some of my friends to contribute to this blog. They will post some stuff to keep content coming, so it should be really good. They love music, and tech just about as much as I do, but together we cover basically all the bases.

This is kinda exciting so we will see where it goes from here.



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Best Ribs Ever

It was my birthday a while ago (happy belated b-day to me!) and I really wanted ribs. They are my favourite! I was put in charge of the quest to find a recipe to try. After searching long and hard, through the vastness of the internet I gazed upon these. Garfield BBQ

This particular recipe takes the whole afternoon. 3 hours in the oven made the ribs so tender I couldn’t put them onto the grill to finish them off without them falling apart. So those were amazing, but the sauce was spectacular. It alone took nearly 2 hours but was worth every second. It would even be amazing on pulled pork(which we are going to try on the weekend), burgers, or anything else BBQ related.

It was a sweet BBQ sauce that packed a whole lot of flavour. We opted to add some additional whiskey to the sauce the second time round just for that little bit extra. The one thing to make not of is that one batch makes way more than enough sauce, so even if you are making extra ribs, you probably wont need to double it.

If you ever want to try making ribs on your own, I would strongly suggest this recipe. It tastes amazing and is actually fairly simple to make. You could even just make the sauce to keep around if you wanted.

Give me a shout if you have a favourite recipe or if you try this one, I would love to hear about it.


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Chrome vs Internet Explorer 9: An Quick Look (Updated)

Over the past few months I have been using two different browsers on both my laptop and desktop. Pretty shortly after being released Google Chrome quickly became my main portal to the internet. It had speed previously unheard of and a very simple, non-cluttered interface. The perfect tool for viewing the greatness that is the internet. Firefox had its run but in my opinion was no match for Google’s offering.

Continue after the break… Continue reading

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Flying With The Man

the man

One of my friends showed me DC Universe Online today. I was presently surprised as to how well the the game functions even as I only played till level 6.

The one thing really going for it is the DC Universe story line. So far the lore has been amazing and the cinematic even better. Go watch it right now here. Now only if they could make a movie like that.

Game play is above average for sure as it keeps you much more involved with the subtraction of the auto attack. Every character has one basic and one ranged attack as well. These have their own skill trees to advance their powers too.

The potential is there, and I will probably play it some more and re-post my findings.


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